System Needs. OBS Studio calls for the hardware that is following systems to work

System Needs. OBS Studio calls for the hardware that is following systems to work

Having a system that is compatible perhaps maybe perhaps maybe perhaps not guarantee it is with the capacity of streaming or recording utilizing OBS. The CPU requirements vary dramatically with regards to the plumped for encoder, quality, FPS along with your scene complexity. Take to the Tools -> Auto Configuration Wizard in OBS it self to locate appropriate settings for your specifications.

Fundamental Demands

  • DirectX 10.1 suitable GPU
  • Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Intel Central Processing Unit (PPC isn’t supported)
  • OpenGL 3.3 suitable GPU
  • macOS 10.13 or more recent
  • OpenGL 3.3 suitable GPU
  • X screen system

Hardware Encoders

Hardware encoders are often suitable for neighborhood tracks, although not streaming. They could be a resort that is last pc computer pc computer software encoding is certainly not feasible. They feature minimal performance effect in return for a decrease in quality during the exact same bitrates as computer pc pc pc computer software (x264) encoding utilising the standard preset of veryfast. Presently, all hardware that is consumer-level are given by particular GPUs, as the following.

Please remember to make use of the latest motorists for the GPU:

  • AMD
  • Intel GPU motorists are often offered by your mainboard maker, but can additionally be discovered right right here


NVIDIA GeForce GTX-class GPU with Kepler architecture (GKxx) or more recent (beginning with some cards of GTX 600 show). Help for mobile GPUs can exist, but the majority will likely not help NVENC. If an error is got by you whenever attempting to utilize the NVENC encoder as well as your motorists are usually as much as date, your GPU more than likely doesn’t help NVENC.

Intel Fast Sync Movie (QSV)

Intel HD Graphics GPU on Intel Core-i-CPU 2xxx (Sandy Bridge) or more recent. Because of quality that is low of iterations of QSV, Intel Core-i-CPU 4xxx (Haswell) or more recent is preferred.

QSV may be unstable on Windows 7 and could need workarounds to allow it.

AMD Advanced Media Framework (AMF)


  • System Demands
  • Establish Parameters
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Overview Guide
  • Sources Guide
  • Filters Guide
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Encircle Sound Streaming and Recording
  • Comprehending the Mixer
  • Streaming with SRT protocol
  • Troubleshooting Guides
    • Understood Disputes
    • Dropped Frames
    • Buffering
    • Laptop performance/black screen
    • Efficiency and Encoding Problems
    • GPU Overload Problems
    • How exactly to allow or disable Aero in Windows 7
    • Just how to Windows that is disable 10 Features
  • Windows 10 App Sound To Devices
  • Getting to grips with OBS Studio Developing
  • Post manufacturing Tools you can make use of

Install Guidelines

  • Windows
    • Install
    • Develop from supply
  • macOS
    • Install
    • Develop from supply
    • Xcode Venture
  • Linux
    • Install Instructions
      • Ubuntu (14.04+)
      • Arch Linux
      • Manjaro
      • Fedora
      • OpenMandriva Installation
      • openSUSE
      • Gentoo
      • NixOS
      • UOS/Deepin
      • Debian Installation
      • snappy
    • Develop Guidelines
      • Red Hat/Fedora-based
      • Debian-based
      • openSUSE
      • Linux mode that is portableall distros)

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Proctorio Minimum System Demands

Proctorio provides a service that is flexible that may add recording of video, audio, and display task or none associated with above. The machine demands are influenced by the exam settings. Test takers ought to make use of a training exam to prior test their system to using an exam. Digital machines and connections that are proxy perhaps perhaps perhaps not work.

Note: in many situations, Proctorio’s modest needs can accommodate products because old as 10 yrs. also it must certanly be noted that the os variation demands don’t coincide using the products’ age. For safety & functionality, it really is generally speaking suggested that test-takers upgrade their systems towards the many OS that is recent possible.

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